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RL Best of Sudden is Named AQHA and NSBA All Time Leading Sire

By Delores Kuhlwein


The name of RL Best of Sudden has become a legendary one throughout the industry, not only for the stallion’s unsurpassed sire record, but also for his contributions of beauty, quality of movement, athletic talent, intelligence, and an unbeatable disposition in his foals.  

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that he recently added the title of AQHA and NSBA All Time leading sire to his dossier, passing up Invitation Only to top the list.

The star quality of “Bo” or “RL,” as he’s often called, was apparent to the Ken and Marilyn Masterson of Masterson Farms, LLC, of Somerville, Tennessee, when they first laid eyes on the two-year-old stallion at the Reichert Celebration in 2004, where he won the Reichert 2 Year Old Western Pleasure $100,000 Open Challenge. “He had the $100,000 won before he ever entered the ring,” Ken Masterson explains.

In 2006, they purchased the young stallion by Sudden Impulse and out of Zip N Therapy, both Top 25 All Time Western Pleasure and All-Around Money Earners, from Sonny and Alice Douglas, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Since then, Bo has established a legacy that has undeniably impacted the world of AQHA and NSBA horses forever.  Earning the All-Time Leading Sires title is a testament to his career as a sire, and the Mastersons are thrilled.

“We couldn’t be prouder.  He was obviously a tremendous breeding sire from the very beginning, but for him to have achieved this standing among all the current stallions and those of the past is hard to fully realize,” Ken says.  

The Producer

RL Best of Sudden’s sire record, according to Q Stallions as of 5/19/22, reflects 1,397 total AQHA Foals, $5,223,360 Total QDATA & AQHA Earnings, with 603 Money-Earners and an average of $8,662 per Money-Earner. In addition, he has sired 631 AQHA Point-Earners and his offspring has earned 132,470 AQHA points as of 5/19/22.

Since his book has been limited since 2016 to protect him from an old stifle injury, the record is that much more impressive. “As a result, although he has significantly fewer numbers out there, he’s still accomplishing an amazing record.  The quality of his frozen semen is great, and we continue to ship frozen semen and breed a number of mares,” Ken explains.

The points and earnings of Bo’s offspring speak for themselves, and the list of Bo’s noteworthy progeny spans pages to demonstrate the kind of quality he produces, resulting in countless AQHA World, Congress and NSBA Championships.  He also has shown the uncanny ability to produce future studs, as well as mares who are great producers.  

The Future

The Mastersons note their gratefulness to those with instrumental roles in Bo’s success:  Mary Roberts, who raised bred him; Bret Parrish, who won the first Reichert $100,000 Challenge with him in 2004; Greg Wheat, who has managed his breeding career masterfully, and Colin Anderson, DVM, who has managed standing and caring for Bo from the beginning.  They’ll be upholding their virtues of excellence for Bo as they move forward with a strong team that includes Rilla Reese-Hanks, DVM, and her two vet techs, Marianne Howell and Kara Stephenson, and for the Farm, Gary Trubee, Justin Howell, and Elizabeth Wagerman.  

“We’re so proud of the horse and how much people have enjoyed him and his offspring,” Ken concludes.  “We certainly hoped Bo would be recognized and that it has happened is very exciting.”

Find out more about what sets RL Best of Sudden apart as a sire and why he achieved the title of AQHA and NSBA All Time Leading Sire in the August/September issue of the Equine Chronicle here:  


December 20, 2021. Masterson Farms, LLC, today announced that Dr. Rilla Reese-Hanks D.V.M., M.S. will be joining the Farmas its Resident Veterinarian. Dr. Reese-Hanks received her DVM from the University of Tennessee in 2013 and has since practiced with Tennessee Equine Hospital West. "Dr. Reese-Hanks is a highly regarded and well known equine practitioner, and we look forward to her joining us." said Ken Masterson.


Dr. Reese-Hanks will assume the responsibilities of Dr. Colin Anderson who has accepted a position with Zoetis Inc., as anEquine Livestock Veterinarian after serving for 16 years as the Veterinarian for the Farm. Ken said "Colin has made enormous contributions to our Farm and its breeding program over these years and has been instrumental in the career of RL Best Of Sudden as well as our other stallions. Marilyn and I consider him a close friend and will miss his daily presence with us.Zoetis could not have chosen better".


(Somerville TN)


(Somerville, TN) Masterson Farms, LLC, and Casey Willis today announced that at the end of the year, Casey will be leaving in order for him to establish Casey Willis Show Horses.  Casey is looking forward to havinghis own training facility with a number of private clients, and is leaving with the best wishes of Ken and Marilyn and everyone at the Farm. Ken said. “Casey has accomplished so much during his seven years with usand all his efforts are very much appreciated. He’ll certainly be missed and we wish him and Deanna everyfuture success”.  Marilyn added, “Casey does such a wonderful job with a rider and  I’ve so enjoyedworking with him.  I know his future clients will have the same great experience I’ve had”.


Ken and Marilyn also announced today that Gary Trubee will be joining them and the Farm team on November 1, 2021, to be responsible for developing prospects and sales. Ken and Marilyn, in addition to continuing their long standing breeding program, want to bring a new and increased emphasis to the marketing and sale ofyearlings produced at the Farm. Ken noted that “Gary is widely regarded in our industry, and with his many years of experience, he will be a huge asset to our business. We couldn’t be more pleased that he will be joining us.”


August 9, 2021.


Masterson Farms, LLC, is pleased to announce that it will now be able to offer Frozen Semen fromRL Best of Sudden for the 2020 breeding season.  Foals bythis AQHA Leading Sire have earned more than $4 million and are eligible for the Premier Quarter Sires, NSBA BCF and SIF, and the Southern Belle and Tom Powers Futurities.


Breeding fees will be for single doses with the first dose costing $2,000. A dose will consist of eight straws of 800 million sperm with a minimum post thaw motility of 35%. If subsequent doses should be necessary, the second would be priced at $1,750 and any thereafter at $1,250. RL Best Of Sudden has been well known throughout his career for fertility and high levels of successful inseminations.


Additionally, ICSI breedings to RL Best Of Sudden are also available. Further information canbe obtained by emailing

Somerville, TN

September 25, 2019


(September 4, 2020) Masterson Farms, LLC, is proud to announce the sale of its outstanding mare KMSuddenly So Easy to Kristen Galyean and her partners at 3

G’s. All of us here are very appreciative of Kristen and her partners' desire to share with us the career of KM Suddenly So Easy. Penelope is a truly remarkable show horse thanks to Casey Willis and all the team at the Farm. We know she will go on to great success in her new home.


She is also proving herself to be a great producer of similarly talented horses and we appreciate the Galyeans' willingness to share embryos with us. Penelope has been a great product of our breedingprogram and we have every confidence she will also play an integral role in 3G’s program as well. Penelope will always enjoy a special place in all of our hearts and we are going to miss her very much.


Kristen commented “Today was a very special one and one I never dreamed would ever be a reality. I’d like to thank Ken and Marilyn Masterson for the opportunity to own and love KM Suddenly So Easy. I know it was a very hard decision for them because I know how much she means to them. I’ve loved “Penelope,” since the moment I first laid eyes on her during her 2yr old year and I followed her impressive career in awe every time I watched her. She has everything you want in a great western pleasure horse. She is a very big and powerful mare and I remember thinking to myself so many times over the years how she would be my dream cross on both my stallions VS Code Red and VS Flatline. In 2018, we purchased an embryo out of Penelope from Ken and Marilyn and bred her to VS Code Red. The result is a big beautiful red roan stud colt. He is everything we hoped for and we look forward to seeing him in the showpen next year.


Raising babies has become a passion of mine, I enjoy watching them grow up and getting to witness their journey into the show pen. My family enjoys it as well and it’s something we love to do together. My parents (Jim and Debbie Glover) are partners with me and my husband, Wesley Galyean on our stallions and my brother (Jared Glover) and his wife (Lauren Glover) have been wanting to get into the horse business and enjoy it with us. When the opportunity to purchase “Penelope,” arose we were all excited to form apartnership. We look forward to continuing her career and raising her babies together.”


Best of luck to Kristen and all the Galyean team. We’ll be cheering you on. Somerville, TN


Masterson Farms, LLC, made a very difficult decision in 2017 to no longer stand its leading sire RL Best Of Sudden to the public as it did not want to enter into breeding contracts it might not be able to fulfill. A previous injury to the horse’s stifle made it risky to attempt to continue providing cooled semen to its customers in the large volumes andat the frequency his large outside book required.

However, requests for breeding to RL Best Of Sudden continue. With the increasing popularity of ICSI procedures (and its minimal use of frozen semen), the decision has been made to make available to customers frozen semen for ICSI use with their mares.

A breeding fee of $7,500 is anticipated with rebreed in the absence of a live foal (other than when embryos were frozen). Any additional foals obtained during the ICSI process and desired by customers would each have a fee of $5,000.

Further information is available by emailing


Somerville, TN January 23, 2019


Masterson Farms, LLC, is excited to announce the purchase of THE LOPIN MACHINE, a 2012 Chestnut Stallion and 2014 Congress Masters Champion. This 15.1 hands and five panel negative Stallion was sired by A Good Machine and is out of Hot Lopin Louise, three times a Congress Champion and a NSBA Horse of the Year.


“Clyde” will stand at Masterson Farms, LLC, for the 2019 breeding season— when the first of his foals will also begin their two year old show career. His foals are eligible for the Premier Quarter Sires,Western Pleasure Super Sires, NSBA BCF and SIF, APHA Breeder’s Trust, and the Southern Belle and TomPowers Futurities.   His breeding fee for 2019 is $2,500, with an early booking discount of $2,250 before January 15.


The Masterson Farms family wish to express our appreciation to Gavin Rawlings and his family for the opportunity to own and stand this outstanding young Stallion , and to Jay and Kristy Starnes for Clyde’s highly successful show career. We would also like to thank Roger Landis and Debbi Trubee of North Farm for their invaluable assistance in this transition.


Somerville, TN December 17, 2018


 Masterson Farms, LLC, is greatly saddened to announce its loss of CP Surely The Best to a severe colic.Notwithstanding two surgeries and the best of veterinary care to correct a severe and recurring displacement, thisremarkably talented young horse with such potential was unable to be saved.

During his tragically short time with us, Diesel, with his truly unique personality and affection for people, captured our hearts. He will be greatly missed.


(April 17, 2018)




RL Best Of Sudden and Masterson Farms, LLC, are excited to announce the purchase of CP SURELY THE BEST, a 5 year old Chestnut Stallion. “Diesel” is well known in Australia as one of its most outstanding show horses. The 15.3 hand and five panel negative Stallion has also stood one season in Australia and New Zealand, and his first foals appear to be exceptional.


This purchase is the result of an intensive effort by Masterson Farms, LLC, to locate and acquire the son of RL BEST OF SUDDEN with the greatest potential for following in the footsteps of his sire — both as a show and breeding horse.  Diesel is out of the mare Sure A Pretty Blaze — a holder of multiple Australia pleasure championships — by Blazing Hot x Miss Surely Bars. Miss Surely Bars had a great show record and is herself the dam of many outstanding horses, including Certain Potential.


The Masterson Farms family wishes to express its appreciation to Adrienne and Rob Hodgson for their agreeing to part with Diesel — in no small part due to their desire to see Diesel excel in the United States as he has in Australia — and to Natasha Humphries for her skilled development of Diesel into such a superb show horse .


Diesel will be shown in major events during the 2018 show season by Casey Willis, and will then stand to the public.


(November 17, 2017)

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